Year-specific second-level geography: Guatemala


I am looking for municipal boundaries in 1973 Guatemala. It is my understanding that census data is aggregated because of privacy concerns. This being said, since I am trying to get only the boundaries (without merging it with IPUMS provided data), I was hoping that IPUMS could have the “original” boundaries, in other words, the boundaries before the aggregation. Is it available? If not here, in another place?



Assuming that the level of detail reported in GEO2_GT1973 (corresponding shape files linked here) is too aggregated for your needs, you might try Statoids, GADM, or UNSALB.

Unfortunately, yes they are too aggregated as municipalities with small population are “drawn” together. The links you sent also do not have this sort of historical data (but thanks anyway).

I was hoping that IPUMS could have the “original” disaggregated municipal boundaries, since I imagine that they were used at some point to produce the shapefiles you linked. Do you know if IPUMS have them?

We may be able to provide shapefiles that will suit your needs. Please follow up directly via email (

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