Senegal: Combine IPUMS harmonized geographic boundaries 1988 and 2002 with 2013 census

Dear IPUMS team,

I am trying to combine the Senegalese 2013 census with the IPUMS samples from 1988 and 2002. Due to several administrative reforms post 2002 (new departments and regions) it will be necessary to recreate consistent boundaries based on the smallest level (Communes).

Is it possible to obtain a sheet indicating which municipalities (Communes) with original encoding have been grouped to form the superior administrative units with IPUMS consistent boundaries for each, the 1988 and 2002 census?

Thanks a lot,

The upcoming IPUMS International data release will include the 2013 Senegalese sample. It may be easiest to wait another month or two and simply include the latest sample in your data extract. However, if you have already integrated the 2013 data on your own and are interested in the information about the spatial groupings only, please email