Municipalities in 1991 Brazilian Census


Hello. I need to aggregate microdata from the 1991 Brazilian census to the municipality level. However, I cannot find a municipality variable. Is the unharmonized municipality source variable available for this dataset?


The municipality identification variable for the 1991 Brazilian Census is GEO2_BR1991. This variable can be found under the Geography A-E variables tab.


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Thank you for your previous help finding the GEO2_BR1991 municipal codes! However, I am trying to merge these codes with other municipal-level datasets from Brazil, which use the conventional 6- or 7-digit municipal codes, rather than the 5 digit GEO2_BR1991 codes that appear in the IPUMS data. Furthermore, the text labels for each municipality include multiple names and/or incorrect names per code, making it difficult to merge or match by label. Is there any way to access the 6 or 7-digit versions of the municipal codes for this census, or cleaner text labels? Alternatively, am I missing another way of cleaning/backing out unique municipality identifiers that would be compatible with other datasets?


IPUMS International does not provide any of the geography source variable anymore for confidentiality reasons, but they can provide the translation table that has all the municipal codes (6-digits, which is 2-digits for state + 4 digits for municipio). You can use the attached translation table to figure out the exact municipios that got merged together to form the combined municipio. e.g. IPUMS code 11003 (Santa Luzia D’Oeste, Pimenta Bueno) is a combination of municipio 110029 (Santa Luzia D’Oeste) and 110018 (Pimenta Bueno).
stripped_geo2_br1991_tt.xlsx (914.5 KB)


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Thank you for your prompt attention and explanations!