Brazil 1970: Municipality variable missing

As far as I could tell, the Brazil 1970 Census microdata is missing the municipality (source) variable.

For the other years, the equivalent variables are: BR1960A_MUNICIP, GEO2_BR1980 GEO2_BR1991, GEO2_BR2000, GEO2_BR2010 (the standardized var is GEO2_BR and is for the 1980-2010 period)

I believe the municipality codes are in variable BR1970A_STRATA because the municipality is the stratification unit of the Brazilian Census. Also, this variable has 6 digits, which is the number of digits of Brazilian municipality codes (without the verification digit)

OBS: this may be related to my other question on birth municipalities

Note that in the 1970 Brazil sample the state is the lowest level of geography identifiable in the public use data available via IPUMS International. See the sample characteristics page for more information.

@JeffBloem, tks.

this is weird. The original 1970 Census public microdata from IBGE (national statistical agency) has the municipality variable: V002 - CODIGO DO MUNICÍPIO (we have a copy at IPEA and IBGE can provide a new version if necessary). I believe this must be in the household level dataset.

I also tabulated the “BR1970A_STRATA” and “STRATA” variables and they take 510,489 values, with no more than 150 people in each. These certanly are not the stratification units of the Census, which are supposed to be the municipalities (around 4000 at that time). The documentation for this variable states that: “it is created by assigning a unique identifier to groups of between 10 and 19 adjacent households”. This seems quite strange, even after reading the variance estimation page.

IPUMS International is only able to provide as much detail as provided to us by our partners in the national statistical offices. So, although it may be possible to identify the municipality in the source data for the 1970 Brazil file, this capability does not extend to the version of the data shared with IPUMS International.

Tks for the answer. I am suggesting IPUMs revisits this issue in your next contact with IBGE. The 1970 Census public microdatata has the municipal codes (you may have to buy the CD from IBGE webstorte), so I doubt that IBGE would deliberately ask IPUMs not to include such a variable.

I did some digging on this and it turns out IPUMS International does have the Municipality codes but has yet to be able to match these codes to labels, making the variable less than useful. We have mounted a number of efforts to apply labels to these codes, but short of an original codebook, we do not feel comfortable disseminating potentially miss-labeled values. We would love to be able to provide this variable, and any information on how we may obtain these labels would be greatly appreciated.

@grover, tks for checking this. I think I may be able to help if you could tell me what version of the 1970microdata Ipums received? This could be estimated if you know the date when the microdata was received (or produced by IBEG).

I believe these are the data IPUMS received around 2003-2004.