Municipalities in 1960 Brazilian Census

Hi all,

Why the municipality code was excluded from the sample? Is there a way to get the sample with that code?


The municipality codes in the 1960 Brazilian census did not come with labels, which is why they were not made available on IPUMS. I discussed this with the IPUMS International Team and they have decided to make the original municipality codes (without labels) available on IPUMS International, but unfortunately you will need to work out the labeling yourself. These will be available with the next data release, which is expected by the end of the summer.

Thank you very much. I have the 1960 codebook and I’ll do the labeling by hand. When I’m done, I can send you the matching code.

Great, we would appreciate that!

Hello, hope you are doing well! I was wondering if these labels are now available anywhere? Thank you very much.

IPUMS does not have labels for the 1960 sample. @Frederico_Uchoa did you ever end up labeling the municipios by hand?

Hello. I wonder if IPUMS might have removed the district codes from the microdata as well (the Brazilian administrative division then was state, then municipality, then district). If that’s the case, might you be able to readd it, even if it’s not labeled?

Sorry for the long wait on this. The district codes are not available through IPUMS because districts are small units and fall below the population thresholds that we are able to release. Currently Municipio codes can be found in the source variable BR1960A_MUNICIP, but they are not labeled. The IPUMS-I team is working on verifying the accuracy of the labels that they have. The Municipio labels will most likely be included in the next IPUMS-I data release later this year.