Is there no data for Puerto Rico for 1950 and 1960? Is there no data for PR municipalities for any year?

I was under the impression that PR also completed the 1960 Census, but I didn’t see them when I downloaded the 1960 data. Are there no records for PR for 1960 or 1950?

In addition, is there any year post 1950 for which PR data is presented at the county (municipio) level (for 1970 only 5 counties were shown).


Unfortunately, while there seems to have been a census enumerated for Puerto Rico in 1960 and 1950, these samples are not available via IPUMS. Regarding the identification of counties: Counties are unavailable in public-use microdata from 1950 onwards. However, it is possible to recover some counties from low-level geographic identifiers. The PRCS samples between 2005 and 2011 seem to include the most Puerto Rican counties. See Counties identifiable in 1950-onward data for details.