Can I have access to the disaggregated data of municipalities in the 1960 and 1970 chilean census?

I´m looking for the employment data of the municipalities of the Ñuble, Concepción, Bío Nío and Arauco province in the 1960 and 1970 chilean census, but the there are some municipalities that are aggregated in the “Municipalities under 20000” that i need to have the individual data, like Lebu, Los Alamos and many others. Is there some way that i can access to that data?. Thanks!.

Since the IPUMS-International data is public-use, extra precautions need to be taken to assure confidentiality of respondents. This means that geographic information has to be quite limited. As a result, Chilean municipalities that have under 20,000 persons are aggregated within provinces. The ability to identify smaller regions would threaten confidentiality.

Sorry that I could not deliver better news.