What entities are in BPL value 710, Pacific Islands? Why does BPL value 710 cross with CITIZEN value “N/A” in xtab

I have attached a cross tabulation of BPL by CITIZEN for the state of California for 2014. I have three questions:

What countries or territories are captured in the BPL value of 710 (Pacific Islands)?

Given that the value of “N/A” for CITIZEN crosses with all the values of places of birth that define a person as a U.S. citizen and all other values for BPL are less than or equal to 120 is the value of Pacific Islands 710?

Why is the BPL value 710 (Pacific Islands) listed under the region of Oceania and not under US OUTLYING AREAS/TERRITORIES?

bpl_by_citizen_2014.pdf (45 KB)

You can see the countries included in BPL=“710: Pacific Islands” by selecting “Detailed codes” on the BPL Codes page. This reveals that the Pacific Islands include the U.S. Pacific Trust Territories (Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, etc.). These are the Pacific Island countries that account for native-born U.S. citizens (CITIZEN=“N/A”).

Hope this helps.