I am using the online analysis. Is there a way to combine the bpl data so I get native vs foreing born.

Right now I can get all bpl data but I want to extract it so I get it separated into native born and foreign born. I can use the Control function to get specific places (eg bpl(1-10)) but can’t see to figure a way to combine them. Thansk.

What you are trying to accomplish can be achieved by “recoding a variable”. At the left top of the SDA interface, click on “Create Variables” and then “Recode Variables”. Instructions for recoding can be found here.

Additionally, you could also use the temporary recode feature and create to groups: bpl(r: 1 = 1-120; 2 = 121-*), or bpl(r: 1 = 1-99; 2 = 100-*) to exclude U.S. territories.

If you happen to be using IPUMS CPS (it sounds like you may be using IPUMS USA), there is actually a variable available, NATIVITY, which would require much less recoding to strictly get to two groups, as it is structured to place individuals into native born groups or foreign born (or unknown).