2 variable table with birthplace and migration

Hello forum,

I’m trying to generate a table that shows state of birth along the rows and state of residence along the columns (I’m primarily interested in where people current live given they were born in Hawaii, and would like to compare # of people who stay/leave to other states). When I select “2018 ACS” from https://usa.ipums.org/usa/sda/ and enter “bpl” for Row and “migplac1” for column, I get an error message:
"Warning: a table is not displayed because the total number of cells would have exceeded the maximum allowed (=8000). Row variable = bpl Column variable = migplac1 "

When I I run the same table but filter with bpl(015), over 86% of the cases are coded as state = 0 (N/A).

Appreciate any help you offer.


As long as I understand what you are trying to calculate correctly, you should be using STATEFIP and not MIGPLAC1 as your column variable. STATEFIP identifies an individual’s current state of residence. MIGPLAC1, on the other hand, identifies the state of residence 1 year ago for those who lived in a different house 1 year ago. Therefore anyone who lives in the same house as they did one year ago will be recorded as MIGPLAC1==0 “N/A.” I just tried this in SDA and was able to generate a table similar to what you seem to be describing here.

Jeff, thank you. You’re correct - I needed STATEFIP. Everything looks good now.

Appreciate your help!