More detailed country of original data

I would like to generate population estimates in my state for people whose country of origin is not specifically listed in the ACS-specific bpl variable available in IPUMS. The countries of interest are rolled up in broad categories for Africa and Asia. Is there an alternative variable that I could request or a different process for requesting this data? Thank you!

BPLD! It should come baked in, check your export?

Thank you! You are right they are there. The code book, which is where I started, doesn’t indicate this level of specificity will be available. I attach a screen shot for Africa which suggests only regional categories are available. There’s more detail in the data I received than implied there. I wonder if a note might be helpful for staving off questions like this one. :slight_smile: Thanks again!!

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I’m glad you were able to find the data that you were looking for! Just to note, the top of the codes page for BPL has the option to select Detailed Codes , which provides the coding structure for BPLD, the detailed version of BPL (see screenshot).