Citizen variable, why are some born abroad to US parents listed as foreign born?

If I cross tab nativity with citizenship, there are some individuals that are born abroad of American parents listed as foreign born. Could you please let me know why. Thank you,

These people are likely individuals who were born in U.S. possessions and territories classified as “U.S. outlying areas” in BPL. This is due to the fact that these individuals are considered “foreign born” in the NATIVITY codes.

Thank you for your answer Joe_Grover. If I look at the born abroad of American parents (Citizen) that are listed as Foreign born (Nativity), the BPL are worldwide. Do you know of any other reasons? Thanks

If the individuals that are born abroad of American parents and are listed as foreign born in a non-US territory or possession, I don’t have much of an explanation beyond the literal interpretation. These people are children of US Citizens but happen to be born abroad. Some researchers recode these responses and don’t consider anyone to be “foreign born” if they are born of US parents.

Thank you. I appreciate the response.