Timeline of 2020 1-year ACS data


I’ve been notified that 1-year 2020 IPUMS ACS data haven been released. I am wondering when this data will be included in the IPUMS NHGIS?


Due to interruptions and complications in data collection through the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 ACS sample is significantly smaller and less representative than samples for other years. The Census Bureau therefore will not release a standard version of 1-year summary data for 2020. It has instead released 2020 1-year “experimental estimates” that include only 54 data tables for the nation, states, and the District of Columbia, as explained in the ACS Experimental Data FAQ.

Given the limited scope and uncertain quality of the experimental data, we currently have no plans to add these data to NHGIS. We will add the 2020 5-year ACS summary files, which the Census Bureau is planning to release in March 2022.

What is the timeline for your release of the 2020 5-year IPUMS data?

Both IPUMS USA (microdata sample) and IPUMS NHGIS (summary file data) will work to release the data as quickly as possible. In typical years, these data are usually available via IPUMS about 4-6 weeks after they are released by the Census Bureau. However, given some uncertainties around the 2020 5-year data, it may take somewhat longer this year.