Stampval no longer provided?

I was using stampval in a past study that I am currently trying to update but I see that stampval is not available from 2016 onwards. Could you please tell me why this is the case and whether there is another variable that could be used instead? Thank you.

Sorry for the delay answering this question. I’ve talked with the IPUMS CPS Team and it looks like this variable is indeed available post 2016 ASEC. They will have the STAMPVAL variable available in the 2017 and 2018 ASEC samples with the next data release. This will likely take place within the next month or so.

Thank you for your reply. Would it be possible to be notified when this variable becomes available for the missing years? I need it for an ongoing project that would have to be closed relatively soon. Thank you.

Outside of any unexpected delays, this variable should be available in the 2017 and 2018 ASEC samples sometime this summer. All new data and variable availability is noted on the IPUMS CPS Revisions Page.

Ok, thank you, I will check the page regularly then.