Displaced Worker Supplement Prior to 2022


On the displaced workers supplement I only see the 2022 data available for download. Is data available for the previous years?

Or am I just looking in the wrong place? Here is where I have pulled the 2022 data from : IPUMS CPS: vars by group: dw_dw

Thank you!

It sounds like you may have selected only 2022 data and are seeing variable availability only for your previously selected samples. IPUMS CPS has displaced workers supplement data from January in every even year from 1984-2022. You can select previous displaced worker supplement data by going to the sample section page, clicking on the Basic Monthly tab, and checking either the boxes next to Jan in even years or clicking the Supplement Topics tab, then the Displaced Worker tab, and checking the boxes there for the samples you are interested in (see screenshots below). You will need to click Submit Sample Selections when you are done. I hope this helps guide you to the data.

Much appreciated, thank you!