KIDCNEED missing from 2010-present ASEC

Hi there - I’m looking to analyze use of paid child care using ASEC. From 2000-2009, the variable “kidcneed” designated which children needed paid care while a parent worked, but it is not included in 2010-present. To my understanding, this question is still on the survey. Why is the variable unavailable for more recent samples?

It looks like the variable KIDCNEED is available from 2010 onwards in the publicly available data. However, it has not yet been integrated into the IPUMS CPS system. I’ve passed along your interest in the variable to our CPS Team and they are going to look into making the variable available. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline for when it might be made available but I’d suggest checking here or following up with us in a couple of months either through the forum or by emailing

Looks like the variable has been addeed - thanks a bunch!