Tracking down CPS survey question mentioned in Census document

In this 2 pager put out by the census:…

they say “The CPS-ASEC asks all persons 15 years and older whether they have any children living elsewhere with their other parent or guardian at anytime during the previous year. Each individual who satisfies this requirement is then asked whether or not they were required to pay child support and how much was paid in totality during the previous calendar year”

Perhaps I am missing something but I do not see this variable in the CPS IPUMS. Do you know if it is a variable that is accessible to the public? I am trying to capture non-custodial fathers and this variable would be very useful for that purpose.



The CPS variables used in this write-up are called CSPCHILD, CSPREQ, and CSPAMT. You can find direct wording of these questions on page D-99 of this CPS Questionnaire. Unfortunately IPUMS-CPS does not make these variables available, and the variables do not appear to be listed in the public-use data that is available for download through the NBER. It is not apparent why these particular variables were not included in the public-use files, so I recommend contacting the NBER or the Census Bureau directly to see if and how it would be possible to obtain these data.

I’m sorry I could not deliver better news.