Restricted Zip code data in CPS and ACS and release date of ACS

Hi, As far as I know, the zip code level data for HH surveys (ACS and CPS) is restricted. However, I would like to learn if the Federal Research data centers contains that information for sure. Since it requires a proposal and it is a long way to go, can we at least learn the name of the variables in the restricted data system to be sure what we will have?

I also would like to know when ACS 2020 will be released, is it September 2021? thanks!

Zip code is available on the ACS and CPS ASEC data files in the FSRDC. In general, the availability of zip code varies a great deal and, in most cases, is not available on the other CPS supplements. We are happy to provide information we have (and to connect with our local FSRDC administrator for additional insight when possible), but I encourage you to consult with your local FSRDC administrator with questions about data availability or other questions you have when drafting your proposal.

You can view the Census Bureau’s ACS release schedule; the 2020 ACS data aren’t included here yet. Usually the 1-year summary files are released in mid-September and the PUMS files are released about one month later.

Yes I will contact the center we have in Baruch College. Thanks for the quick response!

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