Is it possible to download zip code or ZCTA-level data?

From ACS data, is it possible to download zip code or ZCTA-level microdata? Do I need to specifically request this from IPUMS? If so, how do I request this?

Please clarify.

Microdata are observation-level data: housing unit, household, family, person.

ZIP/ZCTA is aggregated data. You won’t have ZIP in microdata (not in the public version at least; it may be there in the restricted data).

You can aggregate the tract or block-group level tables from American FactFinder using the Missouri Census Data Center geography conversion tool Geocorr 2018 - MCDC.

I was wondering if it would be possible to aggregate microdata to the zip code or ZCTA-level. Is it possible to request restricted data like this on the IPUMS site?

I will take a look at the link you have copied. Thank you for your help!

IPUMS does not provide any microdata with ZIP Code or ZCTA identifiers. The Census does not provide ZIP Code identifiers in public-use microdata, and IPUMS does not provide access to restricted data. For that, you’d need to request access via a Federal Statistical Research Data Center.

The Census does publish ACS and decennial census summary tables for ZCTA’s, which you can find and download via IPUMS NHGIS. If you need the most recent ACS 5-year data (2013-2017), we will be releasing it via NHGIS within a few weeks. Otherwise, you can get it now via American FactFinder.

Can you tell me how to download zip_code level data in certain Stata,like in Washington state?Because when I downloaded zip-code level data, the file size include all the state in US is too big and I only want those data in Washington.Thanks!

ZIP Code Tabulation areas technically only nest within the United States - they do cross state boundaries. Thus, you cannot download ZCTA data for a specific state. I recommend downloading the ZCTA and state shapefiles and selecting the ZCTAs whose boudnaries touch the boundary of Washington. You can then merge that set of ZCTAs to full US ZCTA file and keep the records that match.