Race/ethnicity data


I am trying to gather statistics on poverty by race for counties in Iowa. I realize that “hispanic” is not a race, but I need this data set to be included in my calculations. Does anyone know of a dataset that includes hispanic as a racial category along with the other major race categories? I have tried to create my own combining the “race” and “hispan” variables, but the data seems a little bit inconsistent. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


This is pretty straightfoward when using the SDA here on IPUMS.

Create a composite variable (or use RACE7, that I think I created a year ago?), by:

  1. go to the main SDA page for a particular sample, say, 1960 Census
  2. go to the “create variables” tab
  3. go to the the “list created variables” on the right hand side of the screen.
  4. scroll to “RACE7” (I created this in summer 2022, for some of my research. It’s a variable found in the other data, too, e.g., 1980 Census, 1990 Census.)

I THINK others can see and use that RACE7. I’m NOT SURE if other users can delete a variable that others have created. That’s a question for IPUMS staff!! (Eeek! I don’t want others to destroy my composite variables.) I’m just not sure how the “public workspace” operates…

You could also create a RACE8, or RACEETHNIC8 variable by splitting the API from the NHOPI.


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Thank you so much! This was very helpful. I was able to access the raceeth variable and used it. But sadly my data does not align well at all with the previous data my organization has collected.