Race and ethnicity


I am using race and ethnicity but I do not get enough information on the “Other Asian” category. Would you please give me some hints?
Hari Poudel


I am assuming you are asking about the RACE variable available on IPUMS USA, please correct me if I am wrong. If this is the case, there are both a “general” and “detailed” version of these codes. Both are provided when you add the RACE variable to your Data Cart. The general version of the codes only distinguish by Chinese, Japanese, and “Other Asian.” The detailed version of the codes provide a lot more detail about the race/ethnicity of these individuals.

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Thank you Jeff. I was trying to specifically meet with some of the IPUMS Staff in PAA 2019 Annual Meeting but I could not got such opportunity. Anyway I met good people in PAA booth.

Thank you for providing me response. I am focusing my work only to Asian population. When I look on RACEA variable, I found “other Asian” but I could not find what does it include. I mean which Asian countries are included in this category. Thank you for your help.
Hari Poudel


Okay, since you refer to the RACEA variable, it sounds like you are using IPUMS NHIS (rather than IPUMS USA, as I assumed in the previous answer). The IPUMS Health Surveys project is only able to provide as much detail as provided in the public use NHIS files. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality restrictions, from 1999 forward the only Asian ethnicities cleanly identified in NHIS public use data are Chinese, Filipino, Indian, and the residual other category “Other Asian.” The countries included in this “Other Asian” category include any Asian or Pacific Island country that is not China, the Philippines, or India.

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Thank you very much.