Asian Option in the 1980 Census

When I was running data through Stata and trying to get a total count on how individuals answered the race option, I am getting an error when it comes to the asian option (specifically selecting 651). It is saying no observation were found. Is this because the 651 option wasn’t an option in 1980?

IPUMS USA and IPUMS CPS both make use of RACE as a variable, however the way race is coded across the two projects differs. IPUMS USA RACE contains two coding structures, one more general and the other more detailed. Adding RACE to your extract will add both the general and detailed codes in the variables RACE and RACED, respectively. Though RACED = 651 appears in the IPUMS USA version of the variable, this is only used in the IPUMS CPS data. I do not see this code in IPUMS USA. As I mentioned, the two data collections are distinct and do not necessarily apply the same coding scheme.

To identify respondents in the 1980 decennial samples on IPUMS USA who are Asian, you will want to add all respondents with RACE = 4 (Chinese), 5 (Japanese), and 6 (Other Asian or Pacific Islander). You can also use RACED to additionally identify respondents who are Filipino (RACED = 600), Indian (610), Korean (620), Native Hawaiian (630), Vietnamese (640), and Other Asian or Pacific Islander (650). You can find this breakdown on the codes tab for RACE by selecting the bubble for detailed codes.