Missing japanese "race" in 1880 US Census

Dear all,

I have downloaded the US 1880 Census (a) from NAPP.

Strangely, nobody in the 55 M observation has a japanese “race” (500), altough this category was included in the 1870 census. Race distribution goes like this:

White | 4.34e+07

Black | 5560300

Mulatto | 1013402

American Indian | 59,645

Chinese | 104,222

Missing | 18,347

Do you know what may have happened?

Many thanks,

I am unable to replicate the problem you encountered with RACE for the 1880a sample in NAPP. A quick frequencies check showed the same values as those on the RACE codes page, which differ slightly from the ones you provided as they do include values for Japanese respondents.

I have two suggestions for things you can try to help rectify the issue on your end. First, double-check that you are using the STATA/SAS/SPSS command file that corresponds with your data file. If you are using a command file for a previous extract, then the data will not read into your statistical package correctly.

Second, it is possible that your data extract did not download completely when you saved it to your computer. Try resubmitting your extract and downloading the zipped data file again, waiting until the file has completely downloaded before you unzip it.

I hope this helps! If you continue to have problems with differing values for RACE, please let us know and we can provide further assistance.