PUMA to MIGPUMA crosswalk


I am looking for a migration PUMA (MIGPUMA) shapefile. Unfortunately, I don’t think one exists, so I’d like to make one. I am looking for a PUMA to MIGPUMA crosswalk in Excel format. The crosswalk exists (https://usa.ipums.org/usa/volii/00mig…), but I need it in a downloadable format.



Unfortunately we do not currently have a downloadable version of the MIGPUMA to PUMA crosswalk in excel format available on the website. I have attached an excel file with all of the information from the table for MIGPUMA to PUMA.

You could also make an extract with PUMA and PUMARES2MIG, and use them to make a correspondence table by keeping one record for each PUMA

I hope this helps.

migpuma2puma.xls (77.5 KB)