How do you construct a 2000 migpuma1 and 2010 migpuma1 crosswalk?


I am trying to create a 2000 migpuma1 and 2010 migpuma1 crosswalk. I created a crosswalk from 2000 PUMA -> 2010 PUMA -> 2010 migpuma1, but since migpuma1 is an aggregate of PUMAs, attempting to create the migpuma1 crosswalk through 2000 migpuma1 -> 2000 PUMA -> 2010 PUMA -> 2010 migpuma1 may add a lot of noise. Does such a crosswalk exist?


We haven’t yet constructed a 2000-2010 Migration PUMA crosswalk. It’s a good idea, though, and we’ll plan to construct one soon.

In fact, we’ve already been preparing a batch of new migration-related resources to release later this fall, which includes a spreadsheet of 2000 PUMA–2000 Migration PUMA relationships that could help you construct a 2000-2010 Migration PUMA crosswalk. (The file is already available through that link, even though we haven’t yet updated our website to link to it.)

Using that spreadsheet, combined with our 2000-2010 PUMA crosswalk and our 2010 PUMA-MIGPUMA-PWPUMA relationships file, you should be able to determine the land areas and 2000 and 2010 populations of each intersection between a 2000 Migration PUMA and 2010 Migration PUMA. That said, I’ll plan to reply again soon–possibly next week–if/when I’ve been able to construct a “less noisy” 2000-2010 Migration PUMA crosswalk.


I’ve attached a completed 2000-2010 Migration PUMA crosswalk. Feel free to reply to this message if you have any questions about it.

MIGPUMA2000_MIGPUMA2.xls (904 KB)

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