Is there a crosswalk between MIGPUMA1 and PUMA? (2012 and later)

I have not been able to find the crosswalk or a bridge. I need this for the PUMAs from 2012 and later. I want to create a destination unit of analysis equivalent to MIGPUMA1, but for current residence.

I found this note for the 2000 based PUMAs: “Users interested in comparing PUMAs and migration PUMAs can use the the bridge variable PUMARES2MIG. PUMARES2MIG is a constructed variable that allows users to see, for example, how many people living in a given PUMA were also living in the same area one or five years earlier.” Here…

And I found the Excel file " 2010 PUMA-MIGPUMA-PWPUMA Relationships" showing which PUMAs correspond to which MIGPUMA1s, but I am working in Stata (or possibly R).

Does prewritten code (or an equivalent variable) exist?

Thank you.

The only crosswalk we have available at this time is the Excel file you found. If you’re able to open the file in Excel, you should be able to export it to a CSV format, and then load it into Stata or R from the CSV.

We’re sorry that the PUMARES2MIG variable is currently unavailable. We “decommissioned” PUMARES2MIG a few years ago, mainly because of complications in the relationships between 2010 PUMAs and Migration PUMAs. As explained in the MIGPUMA1 variable description, there are 4 instances in 2012, 2013 & 2014 samples where the Census Bureau miscoded Migration PUMAs, erroneously assigning duplicate codes to pairs of Migration PUMAs in GA, WI, SC & VA. We plan to correct this miscoding in a future release and then, at some point, re-release PUMARES2MIG, but I can’t say how soon that will be.

Be aware that the Excel spreadsheet crosswalk uses the corrected Migration PUMA codes, so if you’re translating PUMA codes to MIGPUMA1 codes in 2012, 2013 or 2014 ACS samples, at this time, you’ll need to adjust for the errors described on the MIGPUMA1 description.

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