Crosswalk from MIGPUMA (PWPUMA) to County


I am working on a project about internal migration in the U.S. using the American Community Survey. As I browsed the data, I found the countyfip and migcounty1 variables, which seem to be very useful for generating county-level migration flows. However, it seems that many of the counties in the variables are not identifiable—those are coded as zeros along with N/A cases—for confidentiality reasons and/or technical reasons.

However, I also see that there is a MIGPUMA1 variable without a problem with the unidentifiable cases, but there are many cases where multiple counties consist of a PUMA.

Browsing and Googling, I found this [posting] about a crosswalk from County to PWPUMA and saw that Jonathan Schroeder, thanks to him, uploaded a crosswalk from county to MIGPWPUMA for 2010 (for 2012-onward IPUMS data) definition; the filename is “ipums_migpwpuma10_county_crosswalk.csv”.

I was wondering if I could also get the crosswalk from county to MIGPWPUMA for 2000 definition for 2005-2011 IPUMS data.

Juno Kim

Thanks for this inquiry, Juno. I was able to reconstruct a crosswalk between 2000 counties and MIGPUMAs from some old code I have here. I’m sharing that crosswalk here, and, in case other users need this, I’m also sharing a crosswalk between 2000 counties and Place of Work (PW) PUMAs. (In 2000 definitions, MIGPUMAs do not uniformly match PWPUMAs, unlike the 2010 definitions.)

ipums_migpuma00_county_crosswalk.csv (64.5 KB)
ipums_pwpuma00_county_crosswalk.csv (68.8 KB)

NOTE: These crosswalks are valid only for 2000 definitions of counties. There have been a few substantial changes in county boundaries since 2000, and in those cases, these crosswalks will not give accurate current relationships. I don’t have any crosswalks from current county definitions to the 2000 MIGPUMAs or PWPUMAs.

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you so much for your help!
These crosswalks would help my project a lot.
Thank you for your help and I also appreciate your note, which is also valuable!