Crosswalk between 1990 migpuma and county (or puma)

I am looking for a crosswalk that shows the relationship between 1990 Migration PUMAS and County (or PUMAs).

I’ve looked that the Missouri Data Center’s Mable/geocorr (1990 version) and looked around the Census Bureau’s site but could not find a crosswalk or shapefile showing 1990 counties and migration pumas.



In 1990, the codes for MIGPUMA are simply the first 3 digits of the corresponding PUMA code. For example, in Alabama MIGPUMA 001 corresponds to PUMA 00100 and MIGPUMA 018 corresponds to PUMAs 01801-01806. To create a crosswalk between MIGPUMA and County, you can first generate a crosswalk between PUMA and County using MABLE/Geocorr90 and then convert PUMA to MIGPUMA by making the slight adjustment previously described.

Hope this helps.