Namefrst and Namelast

Hello! I am curious about whether it is possible to access the namefrst and namelast variables for the full count 1910-30 censuses. This is for academic research purposes. The IPMUS USA website states that we should apply for access at the North Atlantic Population Project (NAPP) at IPMUS USA. I applied and was approved. However, on the IPMUS USA website, I see that access to full-count censuses ends at 1910. Are subsequent censuses (1920 and 1930, 100% samples) with namefrst and namelast available for research use?

Thank you!

In fact, full count census data (excluding names) are publicly available right now through IPUMS USA up through 1940. In order to access the files with names, you will need to apply for a restricted-use research license. Please email with a short description of your project, including why you need the names for your research.