Is it possible to download previous version of Census Full counts?

Is it possible to download previous versions of census full counts?

Also, I see for 1910, three versions released. (See screenshot). Is it possible to find when each version was released as well as a more detailed explanation of the updates that what is available on

IPUMS USA occasionally makes updates and improvements to our samples and full count data files. Historical data in particular often come with missing data or errors and we are continually working to improve the quality and completeness of the data. Thus, IPUMS USA has released multiple versions of the 1910 full count data over the years, with each version including updates that improve data quality and/or completeness. The revision history describes most changes made to IPUMS USA data from 1998 to 2024, including re-releases of samples. See the following revision history notes that you might find relevant:

January 18, 2022

A revised version of the 1900-1930 complete count Census files are now available.
Users should note that the number of records in the 1900-1930 revised versions have decreased slightly, resulting in minor changes to variable frequencies.
Users should also note that all territories, including Alaska and Hawaii, have been removed from the 1900-1930 complete count files.

July 19, 2007

Posted updated versions of all samples from 1900, 1910, and 1930. Corrections were made to the CHSURV variable in the 1900 and 1910 samples. All values were previously 0 or 1. The updated samples contain correct values. Corrections were made to the NSIBS variable in the 1900, 1910, and 1930 samples. Previously, a small number of persons identified as “siblings” in the RELATE variable (code 701) incorrectly received a value of 0 for NSIBS. This error has been corrected.

If you are interested in a particular variable or variables in the 1910 full count data, please let me know and I can inquire with the IPUMS USA data team about any relevant changes that may not be detailed in the revision history. The most updated version of the IPUMS USA database is sufficient for most users.

Thank you for your reply. if it wouldn’t be too inconvenient, would it be possible to pass on an inquiry for the coding of IND1950 and OCC1950? I just noticed some pretty drastic changes between versions that I wanted to confirm in all of the full counts 1900-1930 actually (so I suspect it has to do with the January 2022 update).

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