Downloading the complete census for the USA full count (1850-1930)

Hi! I’m new to IPUMS, and I wonder if there is a quick way to download the complete census (all available variables) for the USA full count (1850 - 1930). It seems that I need to select the sample first and then manually choose the variables I have in mind. Is there an efficient way, as you might be aware of? Thank you.

Hi Ze,

Could you tell me a bit about your research project? Do you plan to use all of the available variables for your analysis? To answer your question, the only way to add all available variables to your extract is to manually select each variable or group of variables from the extract system. However, users should only add the variables that they require for the project specified in their application since using data outside of research and education purposes, as well as redistribution, is prohibited.

We would appreciate it if you could send us a quick email at describing your research project so we can confirm that it adheres to our terms and conditions.