Merging accounts

I think I may have accidentally created two separate accounts associated with different email addresses. If so, is it possible to merge them, without too much fiddling with your forum software?

Unless I am missing something, you only have extracts associated with one of your IPUMS accounts. This is good news, because it is easy to change the email associated with your IPUMS account and challenging to migrate data extracts between accounts. Upon logging into your primary IPUMS account, you should see an option for updating your account information. You should be able to change the email associated with your account on that page.

Thjanks, Jeff! My main concern is not with the data extracts – I am mainly interested only in the last couple of years of these – but in reviewing answers to my own previous questions. I kave more than once put time and energy into asking some, one hopes, cogent question, only to discover that I asked the same question, or one much like it, years before. I find it a bit embarassing to admit that I sometimes can not remember asking a question even after finding and reading the text.

If I am right that I have two accounts and can not merge them, then I will just have to log in twice when reviewing my previous questions. But I would prefer either to learn thar I never did create a second account, or to merge them both into one.

Also, my rprogress email is mysteriously bouncing at the moment, and while I hope to fix that soon, it is not fixed yet.

I will send you both e-mails directly.

Warmest regards, Andrew