Is there a way of getting the full 25% sample of Brazil 1980 Census?

Ipums provides the 5% and IBGE says the original data is a 25% sample. Unfortunately, IBGE does not provide any way for people outside Brazil to access the data.

I understand the 25% must be very heavy for IPUMS to provide and it wouldn’t make a difference for most users, but I’m currently needing it because I’m looking at some variables at the municipality level and observations get scarce. Is there any way that IPUMS can provide these data? Or do you know some other source that might?


Unfortunately, we do not currently have the full 25% Brazil sample, and we do not have any plans to acquire it. Other than IBGE, we are not aware of a source that could provide you with this larger sample.

Sorry that I could not deliver better news.

Hi Guilherme,

I think you can download the data from CEM “Centro de Estudos da Metrópole”. Maybe they have the 25% sample. The problem is, the data is available to SPSS, so you will need to convert.

Did you get the full Sample from 1990? Where?


Hi Leonardo,

I got both the 80 and 91 data from CEM in spss format, then converted with stata transfer to stata format (the one I use).

The problem with the CEM’s 80 data is that they only have the data for the individual (not household) part of the questionaire. I asked CEM about this and they told me that the original 1980 Census IBGE CDs have issues, and they actually got the data they have from some other institution.

Please let me know if you find some other way of getting this data.

I didn’t know about that.

I found this data:…

However, I don’t know how to open. Actually, I didn’t do a lot of effort to discover. But, maybe it can help you.

Thanks! This looks like the original data! I downloaded it but I won’t look at it now.

If you want to have a look at those files, this resource may help