Brazilian semple description


In the sample description page (, it is written that the IPUMS samples in 2000 and 2010 correspond to the IBGE’s “Long form sample” of the Brazilian censuses in the section “Sample design”.

These Long form samples represent more than 10% of the population and, yet, the “Sample fraction” section indicates that the IPUMS samples constitute a 10% extract only.

Which one is correct? My guess is that the IPUMS samples do correspond to the larger than 10% original Long form samples from the IBGE.


Certain geographic areas were sampled in a sort of inverse proportionality to size–as specified in the on the sample page. The weights provided by Brazil adjust for the overall sample design to provide representative estimates. When we list the shorthand sample fraction on the main sample description page and in the sample density field, it is an indication of the overall fraction. Weights range from 1 to just over 100 and should be used to get representative totals.