IPUMS-USA 2015 ACS 5-Year Microdata


Thank you for your work producing the ACS microdata.

This morning I have been reading the various posts regarding the status of the 2013 ACS 5-year sample. From these posts, I learned that IPUMS is using a different method to producing the 5 year samples. However, I am could not find any posts with release date updates in the last few months. Is there an estimated time of completion for this datasets and the 2014 5-year sample?

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The Census Bureau plans to release the 2014 5-year PUMS file on January 21st. It typically takes the IPUMS-USA team one month to create the harmonized version of the multi-year sample, so a late February release is anticipated. The 2013 multi-year files will be released at this time as well.

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This information is very helpful. However, let me ask one clarifying question to be sure I am understanding you correctly.

Is IPUMS releasing the 2013 ACS 5-year, 2014 ACS 5-year, and 2015 ACS 5-year microdata samples in late february.

Thank you for your help!


I’m happy to clarify.

In late February you can expect to find the 2013 3-yr, 2013 5-yr, and 2014 5-yr samples on IPUMS-USA. Since 2015 only just ended and ACS responses are collected through December, the Census Bureau has not yet released the 2015 single-year PUMS. In the past, single-year PUMS have been released in the fall after the sample year (which would be fall 2016 for the 2015 ACS) and the multi-year PUMS have been released several months after that; however there has not been an official announcement of when 2015 data will become available. Once the 2015 data are posted by the Census Bureau, IPUMS-USA can then harmonize the samples and make them available to users.

Thanks Erin. That information is helpful.

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