ACS five year estimates for 2016-2020

Dear IPUMS team,

I read it online that acs five year estimates has been released: 2020 Data Release Schedule

However, via IPUMS, I can only find acs one year estimates for year 2020, not five year. I wonder why that is the case and how I can get access to acs five year estimates for year 2020. Many thanks!


The IPUMS USA team is working to incorporate the 2020 5-year PUMS data into our database as quickly as possible. In typical years, these data are usually available via IPUMS about 4 weeks after they are released by the Census Bureau. However, given some uncertainties around the 2020 5-year data, it may take somewhat longer this year. Most likely, we will have the microdata available by the end of May. Once the data have been released, we will update our revisions history page and make an announcement on Twitter promptly; we will also email data users shortly after the release.


Thanks a lot! Looking forward to the update!

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