I would like to select cases on the IND variable but it is not an option when I click Select Cases -- why is this?

I’ve selected 3 variables (IND, OCC, STATEFIPS) and 1 sample (5% 2000). I am interested in selecting cases along the IND variable, so that the data will only reflect persons who work in pharma and medicine manufacturing (181, or NAICS 3254)However when I click on “Select Cases” to choose cases fitting this criterion, IND does not come up as an option. Only STATEFIPS and Group Quarters. Should I be doing something differently?

The IND values vary across samples. Therefore, it is not possible to use the Select Cases option with this variable. As an alternative, the standardized IND1990 and IND1950 variables do allow the user to select cases when creating a data extract.

Hope this helps.