Why can't I select cases by county for an ACS 1 year 2005 dataset?

Thanks for this great resource! I was trying to select cases by county and the county variable does not show up in the ‘select cases’ option. Is it possible to select data by county from those datasets with county (i.e. 2005 and beyond)?

You are correct that it is not possible to select cases by county. COUNTYis a state-dependent variable, which means it must be read with either STATEICPor STATEFIPto distinguish among counties located in different states. If you are looking to reduce the size of your extract by selecting cases, you may find that selecting by state is a good solution. If you are only interested in a few counties in Alabama, for example, you can select cases by state and select Alabama. Then, after you open your extract in a statistical package, you can filter your results to only include the counties you are interested in.

I hope this helps.