Can't "select cases" for most variables in extract of ACS 2014-18 5-year sample, even though they are available in all years

I am trying to download an extract of the ACS 2014-18 5-year sample, restricted to California and ages 25-54 in order to save space. The dialog box for “Select cases” doesn’t include state FIPS code (ST) or age (AGEP) as options. In fact, I only see 6 variables out of about 60: GQ, RACE, RACED, HISPAN, HISPAND, HINSCAID (see screen shot).

ST and AGEP are available in all five ACS years. Why aren’t they appearing as options for “select cases?”


I see a large number of source variables in your latest extract request. You can only select cases for harmonized variables that you have included in your data cart. If you add the harmonized variables STATEFIP and AGE in your cart (instead of the source variables), you should be able to restrict your extract based on values for these variables.

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Aha! I didn’t realize this function was limited to harmonized variables. Now it works. Thank you very much.

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