How do you select specific STATES from the master list of IPUMS?

I am trying to extract demographic data only from 2010 IPUMS and only from states of IL and TX, but cannot figure out how to do so - the current download version gives me information on all states, which cannot fit on an excel file.

You can limit your extract to only states you are interested in by adding the STATEFIP variable to your extract and then performing case selection on it. More details on using the case selection feature can be found starting on PDF page 9 of the extract instructions.

Select Only Certain Years
Do everything normally, except when viewing your data cart, click on the variable “YEAR” then “change samples.” Select the years and months you want included. Click “submit sample selections” and then go back to viewing your cart to continue submitting your data extract.

Select Only Certain States
Select your data normally, but make sure to select the variable “STATEFIP.” You can select this variable by searching for it, or through the path Household>Core>Geographic>STATEFIP. Then, on the last page before you submit your data extract for processing (it should say “Extract Request” at the top) click “Select Cases.” Select “STATEFIP” and hit Submit. Select the state(s) you want and click submit. Then click “submit extract.”

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