Finding the DeLorenzo family in 1940 in Cook County IL

I understand US Census data more-recent than 70 years is “hidden” until that amount of time has passed. But this is almost 80 years ago. Is there a way I can perhaps search the 1940 US Census online for a particular family in Mount Prospect, Illinois in 1940?

The data available online through IPUMS USA are all anonymous. In principle, you can apply for use of “restricted use” data from full count census files that include the names of individuals included in the census. However, these data are intended for demographic research purposes only and not for individual ancestry searches. There are genealogical organizations (such as FamilySearch and Ancestry) that provide these services for a fee. Or you can search through the original microfilm by place for free via the U.S. National Archives website.

Thank you so much for this. A dead end, followed by a lead, is a lead.

As it turns out, there’s a branch of the National Archives here in Waltham, MA.


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