Can I get data 1960 Census information for Chicago IL residents?

I’m attempting to prove residence for my grandparents from the 1960 Census data. They lived in Chicago IL and I’ve the address. I’m not a data addict. I downloaded the information from small amount of data I submitted for a “extract” and can’t retrieve the data I’m looking for. :frowning:

The data on IPUMS-USA for 1960 is not meant to identify individual people. In fact, multiple steps are taken to make sure individuals are not able to be identified in the data. Furthermore, the 1960 data on IPUMS-USA does not contain every individual, but rather a representative sample, from the Decennial Census. This means that even if you could identify individuals in the data, there is no guarantee that the individual you are interested in is a part of the sample.

There are other online services, such as FamilySearch or, that help users find this kind of information. There are also more localized services in some areas, including public libraries or historical societies, that can help in your search.

I hope this helps.