Disappearing "detailed" variables


I have downloaded a dataset that included several “detailed” variables (such as bpld) from the ACS 5yr samples for 2015 and 2014. However, I need to add some variables, but when I went back to amend my sample not only could I no longer see the detailed variables, but the ones that I had previously downloaded were removed from my dataset (my variable count went from 61 to 46).

I’d greatly appreciated help with this. It is slightly annoying to have the pre-selected variables removed, but not too bad because I have them already. But I really do need the other detailed variables!

In case it is useful, the variables I am after but are not there are below. I know that they at least were in the ACS 5yr samples for 2014 and 2015 because I know someone else who has used them for analysis.








By the way this site is fantastic, so thank you.


All of the variables you’ve mentioned are available for the 2014 and 2015 5 year samples. Note that in order to select the “detailed” version of any variable all you need to do is select the “general” version and the IPUMS extract system will automatically included both versions in your data extract. So actually, even though your “Data Cart” says you have 46 variables, this isn’t counting the “detailed” versions. Rest assured, once you submit your data extract, all of the detailed variables will show up again.