Missing Variables in Abacus (Online Analysis)

Hi all,

I’m trying to find out why I can create an extract of IPUMS USA 2019 ACS data that includes the variable “PWSTATE2” but I cannot seem to locate this variable in the Online Data Analysis too (Abacus).

Does Abacus not provide all variables otherwise available to extracts?

When I use it and click the 2019 ACS for time, and then attempt to do a subpopulation based on PWSTATE2 (place of work) it won’t show up. The only variables that do show up are TRANWORK and TRANTIME.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Abacus only includes a subset of the variables available through IPUMS USA. However, PWSTATE2 is available via SDA, another online analysis tool available for analyzing IPUMS data (you will need to scroll down a bit further on the page I linked previously to access the SDA information). I am also linking a video tutorial on using the SDA tool for reference.

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Thank you so much! Huge help.

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