What happened to variables IND and INDNAICS in ACS?

I am trying to use IND and INDNAICS within the 2007-2011 ACS 5-yr. sample, but the system is telling me that it cannot find the variable in that dataset.

The documentation for the variables indicates that it should be available. What is happening?

If you are using the Online Data Analysis tool, variable names must be in all lower-case letters to be recognized by the system. Entering ‘ind’ into the Online Data Analysis tool should provide results.

Some variables that are present in the data available through the IPUMS-USA extract engine were omitted from the datasets used for the Online Data Analysis tool. This is because offering all possible variables tends to slow down the Online Data Analysis tool, especially when working with very large datasets (like the 5-year ACS samples). The list of variables that can be used with the Online Data Analysis tool is presented as an expandable list of variable topics on the left-hand side of the analysis page for the dataset you selected.

I hope this helps.