Absence of Detailed Version of Variables

One week ago, I saw that I could download the detailed version of the variables educ and vetstat -they were available for the years I had chosen-, but they are not on the website anymore, or at least I cannot find them. Any solution?

While the general and detailed versions of a variable both correspond to the same description in the documentation system, when you add the general variable to your data cart, the detailed version will automatically be included in your data extract. You can view detailed codes of each variable on the relevant variable codes page (ex: EDUC).

I made an extract and wanted the detailed relationship code. It was in my extract. but, when I went back and revised by extract by adding one more year of data, the detailed version is no longer in my extract. How can I get it back? I thought they were added automatically. My original data was ACS 2019-2013 and this happened when I only added 2012. Advice?

I looked at your two most recent extracts (39 and 40) and found EMPSTATD in both files. Please note that both EMPSTAT and EMPSTATD will be included in your data file. My best advice is to check your file again and make sure you didn’t overlook the variable or include a typo in your code. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact ipums@umn.edu for more targeted troubleshooting support.