Cannot find selection for EMPSTATD

I cannot find empstatd in the variable selection?

In IPUMS USA, “detailed” codes are automatically included in extracts for selected variables when they are available. So, if you include EMPSTAT in your cart, you will find both EMPSTAT (general version) and EMPSTATD (detailed version) in your variable list once you download your data. For more information on general vs. detailed codes see here. I hope this helps.

I understand that to be the policy but in my case this did not happen. I’ve downloadd probably 1000 extracts over the years. This is the first time the detailed code was not automatically added.

Ah, I see. We had a glitch in the system a few weeks ago that was causing a problem with the detailed versions of varaibles. It seems you are experiencing a bit of a hold-over from this glitch. I’ve just tried remaking your extract from scratch and I find that the detailed version is included in the extract. I suggest restarting your browser and re-logging into the your IPUMS account before remaking your extract. If this doens’t work, let me know.

Thanks! Like I said, I’m a pretty heavy user and was very confused.