Density in the 2022 Microdata

I use NHGIS to download the ACS 1 year microdata for the past few years. When I just re-downloaded to add 2022, I noticed that the 2022 data is missing density. Then I looked more carefully and I see that density is not available for 2022. Will that be added soon? Or is density no longer available for some reason?



We will extend DENSITY to the 2022 ACS 1-year sample when we release the 2022 5-year sample. The Census Bureau’s ACS release schedule shows the 5-year sample will be available on January 25. We’re usually able to release the IPUMS USA version about 3-6 weeks after the Bureau’s release, barring unforeseen difficulties.

The reason we haven’t extended DENSITY already is that this extension requires special effort to accommodate the 2022 ACS’s use of new 2020 PUMAs (public use microdata areas). The previous ten years of ACS samples used 2010 PUMAs. The DENSITY variable, like many of IPUMS USA’s geographic variables, is based on information about PUMAs. We’ve extended some of these variables to use the new PUMA definitions (e.g., COUNTYFIP, CITY, MET2013, etc.), but we haven’t completed updates for all of them yet. We’ll release other updates as we complete them.

Thanks for the quick and informative reply! I thought it might have something to do with the PUMA change. Good to know it’ll be in there soon. Where should I look to see when it happens?

Where should I look to see when it happens?

We email all registered users about new releases. You can also check the “updates” on the IPUMS USA front page.