Data processing time - canceling previous requests?


Hi there,

I made several data request that combine microdata, area data and raster data for several countries over several years but it seems to be taking quite a while to process.

So I figured it would perhaps be too heavy so I started requesting some of these datafiles in several separate requests… but still no success so far.

My last request shows up as enqueued. Does that mean there is a limited number of requests we can make until the processing time for the other requests is over? Would it be quicker if I were to cancel the other requests I made? (and if yes, is there a way to cancel those?)

More generally, since raster extracts seem to be the heaviest datafiles, is there a way to extract those without having to wait for a couple of days?

Many thanks for any tips you could give me!



It looks like your most recent extract was completed, however I do see one that has not yet completed. This extract requests a large number of variables and datasets and may be likely to fail. We recommend that you restructure your extract into a series of smaller extracts, with no more than a few dozen variables in each extract. These smaller extracts can be submitted simultaneously, and will complete much more quickly than the single very large extract.

If it is okay with you, we will ask our IPUMS Terra team to cancel your original extract.


Dear Michelle,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

I will keep your advice in mind, and I will resubmit smaller extracts in the future.

Would you be able to delete the two processing extracts and the one enqueued that are currently pending please?

Many thanks for you help!



By the way, is it normal that any request I make is now enqueued?


If the system is available to begin processing your extract, you will not see it enqueued. However, if the system is working through other extracts, it will be enqueued until it is able to begin processing. In other words, what you observe with your extracts is not unique to your account.