Button to cancel a submitted request?

Hi, I’m trying lots of extraction in data.terrapop.org, and sometimes regret sending certain extract requests.

Is it possible for you to add a button to cancel/terminate the submit requests while they’re being processed?

Here are some tips for exploring data in IPUMS Terra:

  • You can determine a lot of information about data availability by inspecting the availability grids in the data selection screens for microdata and area-level data.
  • Use our map-based interface TerraScope to explore data values and visualize raster data before downloading anything.
  • If you are uncertain about how data from a particular type of extract will be represented in the output, you may want to request a small sample extract with just one or two datasets and variables.

We are not currently doing active development on IPUMS Terra. So, while a button to cancel a request is a good idea, we won’t be able to add it any time soon.

If you would like a request cancelled, you can email ipums@umn.edu with the extract number, and note that it is an IPUMS Terra extract.